The Estate

Founded in 1921 by Gaston Dorléans, ‘The Bourillon Dorléans’ estate, covers today more than 26 hectares of vines, located on the best hillsides of Rochecorbon.

For 3 generations, the family of the Bourillon Dorléans have maintained a traditional and high standard of winemaking in order to ensure the continuation of good quality and strong personality of the Vouvray wines. The soils mainly comprise clay and limestone, and the grape variety is 100% Chenin Blanc.

The cellar

The troglodyte cellar dates from the 15th Century. Touring the galleries is a truly cultural and artistic journey. Venture deeper into the cave and you will be swept along by the magic in the air. You will discover different carvings, sculpted 25 years ago, which tell the story of men and wine, paying tribute to St Martin.