The Bourillon Dorléans Estate Discover the family history of our wine estate, right in the heart of Vouvray.

Discover the family history of our wine estate, right in the heart of Vouvray.

The Bourillon Dorléans estate, founded in 1921 by Gaston Dorléans, covers today more than 26 hectares of vines, located on the best hillsides of Rochecorbon, right in the heart of the Loire Valley, in France. Here we work on a unique and emblematic grape variety, the Chenin Blanc (also called Pineau of the Loire).

Frédéric and his son Benjamin, third and fourth generation of wine producers, take great care to perpetuate the traditional spirit and the quality of their strong personality Vouvray wines. The estate spreads over several types of soils (terroirs), calcareous limestone and siliceous clay from the best of the Vouvray designation. The soils and special climate in the region give the Vouvray wines their unique flavour, featuring apple, pear and honey aromas with a balanced acidity and elegant long finish.

The Bourillon Dorléans estate produces high quality Vouvray wines, from dry to sweet, by way of sparkling ones. The wines are vinified with care and attention to achieve an exceptional quality. Lovers of fine wines can come and visit the estate, discover our wine making techniques and taste the Vouvray wines in the heart of our sumptuous carved stone cave.

Our range of Vouvray wines

Dry white wine :

Semi-dry white wine :

Dry sweet white wine :

Sparkling white wine :


Saint Martin

Dry white wine :

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Dry white wine :

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La Levrière

Dry sweet white wine

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Sparkling white wine

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La Coulée d’Argent

Dry white wine :

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La Bourdonnerie

Semi-dry white wine

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Dry white wine :

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La coulée d'or


Dive into the history of wine and of the Vouvray wine by visiting our troglodyte caves !

Only 15 min by car from the centre of Tours, the Bourillon Dorléans stone cave is the ideal place to discover the different Vouvray batches of course, but also to plunge into a timeless visit, walking along the ‘tuffeau’ stone galleries dating from the 15th century. There you’ll enjoy a cultural and artistic journey. Get deeper into the cave and get swept off your feet by the magic of the sculptures carved by local artists throughout the galleries. You will then discover the history of man and wine through a tribute to Saint Martin.

of the Bourillon Dorléans Estate

Throughout the year, we provide you with events around wine culture and gastronomy. Our team welcomes you with a smile, in a family atmosphere. Please note places are limited!

Gourmets mornings :

In an exceptional site : a chef proposes a degustation of local specialties as well as dishes prepared specially for the occasion. Discover a combination of gourmet creations and Vouvray wines for your palate’s delight.

Share a friendly meal with the wine producers :

In December, during our open days, enjoy an out-of-the-ordinary meal, prepared by a local caterer. A friendly and unique experience!

Our open days :

A prestigious visit to our cave is the opportunity to rediscover our old vintage as well as the new batches, in a cozy and family atmosphere.

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The reputation of our Vouvray wines relies on the affluence of our terroir allowing us to extract the full essence of our wine variety,

the Chenin Blanc.